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Operation Table Large Rodent



ConductScience offers different table models for both small and large laboratory rodents. The standard tables are made of stainless steel and are equipped with a digital temperature controller system for controlling the temperature of the table surface. They can be moved to any place with the help of a handle and wheel. This operating table is good for general surgical work on small & large rodents. The table is stainless steel in fabrication and the tabletop surface has a raised edge and a drain hole to aid in the control and drainage of fluids.

The table is supplied with 4 rods and provision for fixing vertical rods at fixed positions and 2 vertical rods with adjustable location by sliding on the raised edge for fixing the animal. The table is fitted with one light source with adjustable height and angle for focusing on the surgery. The table also has a provision for holding a rod for hanging the infusion or saline bottle.


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