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Pipettes Misc. Pack




Product Description


LBG-PTA-TM-1Pipette Automatic Tilt Measure 1 ml.1
LBG-PTA-TM-2Pipette Automatic Tilt Measure 2 ml.1
LBG-PTA-TM-5Pipette Automatic Tilt Measure 5 ml.1
LBG-PTA-TM-10Pipette Automatic Tilt Measure 10 ml.1
LBG-PTA-TM-20Pipette Automatic Tilt Measure 20 ml.1
LBG-PTA-TM-25Pipette Automatic Tilt Measure 25 ml.1
LBG-PT-MT-1.1Pipette for Milk Test Bacteriological, 1.1 ml.1
LBG-PT-MT-2.2Pipette for Milk Test Bacteriological, 2.2 ml.1
LBG-PT-ESR-200Pipette E.S.R. 200 mm. Grad., 300 mm Long1
LBG-PT-PD-205Pipette, Pasteur, Disposable Length 205 mm.1
LBG-PT-PD-230Pipette, Pasteur,”LABOGLASS” Disposable Length 230 mm.1



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