Polyclonal custom antibodies package 3 (From peptide design to anti-sera)


For projects requiring antigen design and a selection of antibodies designed to target the same antigen but with different epitopes. Polyclonal antibodies are contained within anti-sera as the final product. 

Polyclonal package 3 creates a selection of antibodies from a synthesized peptide antigen (12-22 amino acids long) of your design. Peptide conjugation and Immunization using your designed peptide antigen are performed with the assurance of targeting the antigen via ELISA identification of collected antibodies.

The end deliverables include your customized project report and results, 2-3mg of your designed peptide antigen, 1-2ml of sera extracted prior to antigen immunization, 40-60ml of anti-sera containing your selection of polyclonal antibodies, and the ELISA analysis of your resulting antibodies. 

For our Polyclonal antibody and peptide package with purified antibodies as an end product, see hereFor Polyclonal packages with Western blot and Immunohistochemistry assurance see here, and here .

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Polyclonal Package 3 (From peptide design to antisera)

  • Peptide design and synthesis(12-22aa,85%)
  • Peptide conjugation
  • Immunization and sera collection
  • ELISA identification

2-3mg peptides

1-2ml pre-immune sera

40-60ml antisera

ELISA result

Project report


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