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Stereotaxic for Rat – Portable. Both Rat & Mouse adaptor, ear bars can be installed.


This instrument uses adaptor blocks instead of a U-frame, to provide a spacious, open operating space to enable researchers to work on the rat brain conveniently.


  • Base plate size: 400mm x 255mm.
  • Distance between ear bar and base plate: 35.5mm.
  • Ear bar slots with vernier of 0.1mm resolution.
  • Scale range of Ear bars: 35mm with 1mm resolution.
  • A/P adjustment range for the adaptor: 43.5mm.
  • Dorsal/Ventral adjustment range for the adaptor: 30mm (+10mm~-20mm) with 0.1mm resolution.
  • Dual Manip model is available.
  • Digital LCD display model available



Product Description

RWD-68505 Stereotaxic for Rat, SGL M, Portable, 18 Deg.
RWD-68508 Stereotaxic for Rat, Dual M, Portable, 18 Deg.
RWD-68511 Stereotaxic for Rat, Digital and Portable, SGL M, 18 Deg.
RWD-68514 Stereotaxic for Rat, Digital and Portable, Dual M, 18 Deg.

Additional information

Sterotaxic Equipment

Digital and Portable – SGL M, Digital and Portable, Dual M

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