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Single Cannula System Pack



Cannula implantation system is an accepted method of acute and chronic intracranial drug administration for animal experiment.Single cannula system includes guide cannula, dummy cannula, internal cannula and fixing screw. Together with our stereotaxic instruments, holders, fixing screws, PE cannulas, injection pumps and other related products, this system provide a set of simple and effective experimental tool of unilateral intracranial administration for neuroscientists. More importantly, we offer users can customized cannulas based on their specific experimental requirements.

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RWD-62001 Guide Cannula-Single/O.D.0.64mm-23G/M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62002 Guide Cannula-Single/O.D.0.56mm-24G/M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62003 Guide Cannula-Single/O.D.0.48mm-26G/M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62004 Guide Cannula-Single/O.D.0.41mm-27G/M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62005 Guide Cannula-Single/O.D.0.71mm-22G/M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62101 Cap-Single/O.D.0.40mm/M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62102 Cap-Single/O.D.0.30mm/M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62103 Dummy Cannula Pcs
RWD-62104 Cap-Single/O.D.0.20mm/M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62105 Dummy Cannula-Single/O.D.0.40mm/Mates with M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62106 Dust Cap(Alu)-Single/O.D.0.40mm/M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62107 Dust Cap(Alu)-Single/O.D.0.30mm/M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62108 Dust Cap(Alu)-Single/O.D.0.20mm/M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62201 Injector-Single/O.D.0.41mm-27G/Mates with M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62202 Injector-Single/O.D.0.36mm-28G/Mates with M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62203 Injector-Single/O.D.0.30mm-30G/Mates with M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62204 Injector-Single/O.D.0.21mm-33G/Mates with M3.5 Pcs
RWD-62205 Injector-Single/O.D.0.41mm-27G/Mates with M3.5 Pcs


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