Social Domination Experiment Tube (SDT)

The Social Dominance Tube Test is a behavioral experiment to study the dominant or submissive position of rats and mice in social groups. By observing and recording the successful preemption of two rats in a cylindrical tube.

Parameters such as the number of “public zones” can reflect their social superiority and social rank.

The main tool of the experiment is a 30cm long, 3.5cm diameter transparent plexiglass cylindrical tube, with a 4cm long “public zone” in the middle. The “public zone” is separated by two transparent and breathable plexiglass plates that cannot allow animals to pass through. open.


During the experiment, two animals to be tested were placed at both ends of the cylindrical tube, with their heads facing the “common zone”. The “public zone” in the tube was separated by a plate, so that the two animals could not touch, but could smell. to each other’s smell. The two partitions in the “common area” were then opened and the two animals were allowed to touch each other. After a period of time, the dominant animal will occupy the “common area” and the dominant animal will be driven away. Of course, sometimes two animals have the same status and share the “common area” equally.


Transparent plexiglass tube (with a partition in the middle)



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