Giant Turnkey Rodent Monitoring System

Complete, turnkey systems for monitoring sleep/wake cycles for rodents, including noninvasive real-time and historic data.

These Custom Cage Systems are ready to start monitoring; including, custom cages, sensors, cables, and software. The system can be configured with as few as (1) cage per rodent, or up to (80) cages.

Conduct Science offers Custom Cages with Turnkey System.



Complete 16-Cage SystemComplete 32-Cage System
16-channel SquidBox DAQ32-channel SquidBox DAQ
1 PiezoSleep software license1 PiezoSleep software license
1 SleepStats Data Explorer license1 SleepStats Data Explorer license
16 custom cages32 custom cages


  • Designed for your current rodent cages
  • Automated scoring and data acquisition
  • Self-enclosed data acquisition system
  • No extra power supply needed
  • Small form factor
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Plus versions support external equipment control
  • Monitor sleep/wake/breathing states in rodents


A complete giant turnkey rodent monitoring system is a specialized system designed to automatically track and record the behaviors and physiological functions of giant rodents These systems typically include a range of hardware, software, and sensors that are used to monitor and analyze the activity levels, body movements, and other behaviors of rodents.

Complete giant turnkey rodent monitoring systems may include a range of features and capabilities, such as:

  1. Automated data collection: These systems typically use sensors or other monitoring devices to continuously track the activity levels and behaviors of the rodents, and to automatically record and analyze the data.

  2. Customizable reporting: These systems may allow users to set up custom reporting and analysis tools, such as graphs or charts, to visualize and interpret the data.

  3. Data management and storage: These systems may provide tools for organizing and storing the collected data, such as databases or cloud-based storage systems.

  4. Remote monitoring: Some systems may allow users to remotely monitor the behaviors of the rodents, either through a web-based interface or via mobile devices.

Complete giant turnkey rodent monitoring systems can be an important tool for researchers studying the behaviors and physiological functions oft rodents. These systems can provide valuable insights into the underlying mechanisms of these behaviors and functions, and may have applications in a variety of fields including biology, ecology, and conservation.

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64 Cages, 80 cages

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