Stereotaxic Injection Animal Anesthesia Solutions



This solution is specially used for neuroscience research. Unique stereotaxic frame nosecone masks are designed to combine the anesthesia system and stereotaxic location system, which makes brain-related procedures or research more successful and have much better outcomes, for example, the development of animal neurological diseases models (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, cerebral and spinal cord injury, etc.), drug injection to the brain, cannula implantation for long-term drug administration, nervous stimulation, physiological signal record, microdialysis probe implantation and so on. Similarly, any leaks around the animal’s nose can be captured by the scavenging system to protect research subjects from being exposed.

Comes with the following items, the key difference with this system is the active scavenging system as well as the stereotaxic platform inclusion

Product DescriptionQTY
Air Pump1
Small Anesthesia Machine1
Induction Chamber - Mouse or Rat1
Stereotaxic Frame Nosecone1
Gas Canister Filter (Large)1
Gas Evacuation Apparatus1
Sterotaxic Equipment

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