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T Maze



The T maze is an enclosed apparatus in the form of a T placed horizontally, similar to the Y maze. Animals usually start from the base (long arm) of the T and allowed to choose one of the goal arms. The test relies on either spontaneous alternation or rewarded alternation(1). See the video for how to grade this maze. Optional food wells, doors, and return to start arms can be added to your order a-la-carte. Non-reflective options are made in the interior of the maze on request.


  • The T-Maze is a simple single-point two-choice maze.
  • The task exploits the innate explorative nature of rodents and subjects them to tasks that require them to alternate between the goal arms to retrieve food rewards.
  • Commonly used protocols with the T-maze are Forced Alternation task and Spontaneous Alternation task.
  • The T-Maze can be easily adapted to investigate the different aspects of spatial learning and for different subjects.
  • By using guillotine doors, the T-Maze can be easily adapted for Delayed Alternation protocol.
  • The T-Maze has been extensively used in the study of hippocampal functions, age-related cognitive decline, and anxiety.
  • The T-Maze is also utilized in understanding the effects of drugs and toxins and in the understanding underlying pathology of diseases on spatial learning and memory.
  • Subjects of the diseased model show a much slower learning curve in comparison to the control group in T-Maze tasks.


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