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Our S700A Rotary microtome is an automatic, semi-automatic, and manual Microtome that meets the different needs of microtomists that cuts the sections of biological specimens into thin slices for use in microscopy. It is used to prepare thin layers of bone, minerals, teeth, and hair with section thicknesses ranging from 1-micron to 60 microns. Hard materials that use synthetic resins, they can slice up to 0.5 microns.




Precise injection

  1. Top-level cross guide rails and precision screw rods, together with a five-phase high-resolution sampling motor and a horizontal sampling slider made of aviation aluminum, form a high-precision sampling system to ensure the quality of slices.
  2. Precision motor and encoder ensure stable and smooth automatic slicing.

Precision tool holder

  1. Precise tool holder lateral movement. The position of the same sample changes very little after changing the knife edge by moving laterally, and the sample can be cut within 5 knives.
  2. The knife holder base has scales for easy positioning of the knife holder.


Handwheel double locking system

  1. At the same time, it is equipped with a double locking system of handwheel lock and any position lock and has its own beep sound, which significantly reduces the risk of hand injury during the sample block replacement operation, allowing you to change samples with peace of mind.


Knife guards and retractors

Knife guards and retractors

  1. The knife guard covers the full length of the blade, avoiding the potential risk of injury during operation.
  2. When changing the blade, the ejector easily pushes out the blade for safe removal.

Electronic brake and emergency stop button

  1. The electronic brake with stable performance keeps the handwheel in a stable state (after the automatic slicing is completed) to protect the safety of the operator.
  2. To quickly eliminate the danger, press the red emergency stop button to immediately stop the automatic sectioning.

Rapid positioning

  1. With the patented visual pointer mark, the angle adjustment data is intuitive and visible, when adjusting the tissue angle of different inclined planes, the direction of the sample head is accurately controlled to avoid waste of tissue samples.
  2. Quickly adjust multiple devices to the same angle to keep the same sample at the same angle when slicing different devices, reducing sample waste caused by rough trimming.


Easy to operate


  1. The side injection knob is integrated with the fuselage, and the ergonomic design is more comfortable to operate.
  2. The injection speed can be freely adjusted between 0-1800um/s, and the operation is more efficient.
  3. It adopts military-grade components, which are strong and durable, with an active life of more than 20 million times.

Easy to clean
  1. Large-capacity waste tray with magnetic suction function for easy disassembly and installation.
  2. Anti-static, non-waxing, easy to clean, and the cleaning time is greatly shortened.

Smart slice

  1. No need to spend time practicing slicing techniques, the machine automatically cuts out high-quality slices.
    Automatic sectioning is stable and can maintain sectioning consistency. Whole-cut specimens such as embryos, brains, etc., the amount of sectioning are large and the task is heavy. Using automatic sectioning can relieve your sectioning pressure.
  2. Four automatic slicing modes to meet the needs of different slicing scenarios. The window cutting function ensures the quality of slices and improves the efficiency of automatic slices.

Information tracking

  1. The 5-inch touch screen has a history recording system, which is convenient for information retrospective tracking and quick problem-solving.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 123 × 36 × 77 cm

Black, green, Grey, White



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Test product 2
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