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Trolley With In-Built Rabbit Cages -Add On -Type


In this trolley made of square pipe is inbuilt fixed with Rabbit cage and one side of each Rabbit Cage is open-able type

This trolley has special features that, one can attach second trolley to first trolley by special type of locking system provided. These add on can be continued till n numbers that user wishes.

Main feature is that. after attaching the second trolley to first trolley. one can remove the side of each Rabbit Cage making access of Rabbits to cage of next attached trolley and converting system, in breeding type cages or to increase the cage size if needed.

Each trolley is fixed with 3 rabbit cages each of size 600mmx450mmx450mm (LxWxH). Each Trolley is made of 20mm x20mmx16swg S.S square pipe and provided with four castor wheels of size 4″.


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