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Tubing & Connectors


Tubing & Connectors Kit – Anesthesia Inhalation


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RWD-R-LCM-1/8Lure connector, male, 1/8″1
 RWD-R-Y-1/4Y type valve, PP, 1/4″1
 RWD-R-Y-1/8Y type valve, PP, 1/8″1
 RWD-R-Y-1/16Y type valve, PP, 1/16″1
 RWD-R-LCF-1/4Lure connector, female, 1/4″1
 RWD-R-LCM-1/4Lure connector, male, 1/4″1
 RWD-R-RC-3/8-1/4T type reduced connector, 3/8″ x 3/8″ x1/4″1
 RWD-R-RC-1/4-3/8Reduced connector, 1/4″-3/8″1
 RWD-R-Y-7/8Y type connector, OD: 22mm1



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