Ventilator Assisted Passive Anesthesia System

$5,100.00 $4,335.00


When working with animals suffering from some diseases like myocardial ischemia, cerebral ischemia, pulmonary ischemia, lung imaging, hypertension, cerebral infarction, thrombus and so on, which leads to long-term surgery, the ventilator is required. Anesthesia system and ventilator are artistically integrated to keep animal anesthetized while being assisted respiration. This system applies to mice, rats, rabbits, cats and similar-size animals with body weight below 5 kg.

Comes with the following items, with key inclusion of an active ventilator for intubated rodents.




Product Description

RWD-R510-29Gas Supply: Anesthesia Air Pump 110V (4L Flowmeter) 1
RWD-R550IPAnesthesia Machine 1
RWD-V100 Induction Chamber – Mouse or Rat1
RWD-R510-27Accessory package for Anesthesia and Ventilator1
RWD-R407Small Animal Ventilator1
RWD-R510-31-6Gas Canister Filter1