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Yearly Membership


ConductScience Membership

Your Membership includes:
  1. Experimental & Protocol Design and Management: In-house scientists help design your experiments to best answer your hypothesis.
  2. Software Development: Need specific software or applications to conduct your experience? Allow us to design it to your particular parameters.
  3. Data analytics: We take your data, statistically analyze it and return it to you
  4. Writing: We write your publication to the specifications of your chosen journal/s. Need translation services? Let us know what languages you require and we help you with it!
  5. Graphic design: Any graphs or graphics that need that professional touch can be created by our graphic design team.
  6. Grant Submission Services: We navigate the submission process alongside you to ensure a successful submission.
  7. We legally handle your data with the strictest of confidence.


This service is suited for:
  1. Submitting scientific studies to journals
  2. Review articles
  3. Opinion articles
  4. Blog articles
  5. Website
  6. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Try us, contact us with your idea, we would love to be part of your project!



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