Zebrafish Y Maze Avoidance

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The Zebrafish Y-maze apparatus integrates an LCD screen strategically positioned beneath the main Y-shaped tank structure, as described in the seminal work by Aoki and colleagues (2014). This innovative setup provides researchers with a powerful tool to investigate zebrafish behavior and cognitive capabilities.

The core feature of this apparatus is the ability to present specific color stimuli on the LCD screen, which can then be paired with an aversive electric shock to train the zebrafish to avoid a particular arm of the Y-maze. This novel approach allows for the systematic exploration of the fish’s ability to learn and make spatial decisions in a controlled environment.

It is important to note that the MazeEngineers apparatus only provides the physical Y-maze setup and the integrated LCD screen. The software necessary for programming the color stimuli and administering the electric shocks is not included, as this specialized functionality should be provided by the user based on their specific experimental needs and research objectives.

By leveraging the Zebrafish Y-maze, researchers can gain valuable insights into the cognitive processes and decision-making strategies employed by these fascinating aquatic vertebrates. The combination of the customizable visual stimuli and the ability to assess spatial learning and memory represents a powerful tool for advancing our understanding of zebrafish behavior and cognition.


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