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Modified Visual Cue Y Maze

Modified Y Maze was used to test how rats spontaneously discriminate purely visual, two-dimensional stimuli in tests of recognition memory and perceptual oddity. Learn more here.

Sociability Chamber Optogenetics Modification

Sociability chamber for mice and rats with modification to allow for teathering in optogenetics experimentation

Elevated T-Maze represents a model of anxiety that can discern between panic disorder and general anxiety disorder

Elevated T Maze

Get Elevated T Maze that is the perfect tool for assessing anxiety, memory retention, and learning abilities of rodents and run diverse experiments.

Dry Morris Water Maze

The morris water maze is a commonly used behavior maze. Have questions about undertaking this maze for your experiments? Consult our neuroscientists!

Zebrafish Y-Maze is an adaptation of the rodent Y-Maze

Zebrafish Y Maze Flow Modification

The flow-through Y-Maze is a perfect tool for the studies associated with preference and avoidance behaviors in fishes.

Radial Arm Number Variants

Use the exploratory instinct of the rodents and Radial Arm Maze of different complexity to study the spatial memory and learning abilities of the subjects.

Radial Arm Length Variants

Collect more data changing the number and the length of arms of our precisely designed Radial Arm Maze (RAM).

Morris Water Maze T insert

Morris Water T Maze Insert

Morris Water Plus Maze Insert is a thought-out apparatus that allows accurate assessment of magnetically-guided spatial behaviour in rodents.

Mazeengineers modification of the Y maze includes two removable rectangular wire grid cages for social interaction

Social Y Maze

Social Y-Maze is a straightforward and time-effective method for the evaluation of social interactions. It requires minimal training to perform the tests.

Elevated Asymmetric Plus maze is an apparatus first described by Ruarte et al (1997) as a method to encourage explorative behavior in the rat

Elevated Asymmetric Plus Maze

The Asymmetric Plus Maze is designed for evaluating the mechanisms of exploratory motivation and fear in rodents.

Two problem T maze used by Granon et al (1994) in working memory investigations

Two Problem T Maze

The Two Problem T Maze can be used for investigation of the relationship between prelimbic lesions and working memory in rats.

Mirror Chamber Version 2

Mirror Chamber Version 2 offers great opportunities to investigate the anxiety in rodents.

Delayed Matching to Place (DMP) Barnes Maze

Our Delayed Matching To Place Barnes Maze that enables assessment of spatial working and episodic-like learning and memory.

Escape Hole Radial Arm Maze

The Escape Hole Radial Arm Maze is an innovative, effective test for evaluating spatial memory and cognition in cerebral ischemia murine model.

Controlled Y Maze

Controlled Y Maze

This Y-maze apparatus variant is smaller (about half the size) of the traditional y maze and comes with a single door.

Randomized Barnes

The Modified Barnes Maze was designed to conduct a more accurate assessment of spatial cognition in rodents. Request it and collect precise information.

Morris Water Plus Maze Insert

Morris Water Plus Maze Insert is a thought-out apparatus that allows accurate assessment of magnetically-guided spatial behaviour in rodents.

Morris Water Y Maze

Morris Water Y Maze is a simple and straightforward device designed for studying the spatial learning and memory of rodents.

Morris Water Maze Release Device

Morris Water Maze Release Device

The MazeEngineers release device for the Morris water maze assists in blinding mice and rats to navigational cues in insertion into the morris water maze.

Forced Swim Tail Suspension Combination

Forced Swim Tail Suspension Combination

Our apparatus allows for tail suspension within the context of a forced swim threat.

MWM Open Field Tower by Maze Engineers

MWM Open Field Tower

The open-field tower maze (OFTM) is a unique behavioral task in neuroscience used to examine the nature and mechanism of spatial learning and memory in rodents; with specific emphasis on place- and response-learning.

Continuous Angled T Maze

Continuous Angled T Maze

The Continuous Angled T-Maze is an effective tool for assessing the spatial orientation and episodic memories in rats.

Morris Water Straight Swim Channel

Morris Water Straight Swim Channel

The  MazeEngineers Straight Swim Channel assists in training mice and rats. No spatial discrimination is required when rodents use the channel as the channel is designed to only allow straight swimming to the designated target.

Morris Water Snowcone

The MazeEngineers Snowcone Morris Water Maze modification utilizes the MWM as a base. It comes with two stainless steel inserts to fit the Morris Water Maze

Morris Water Radial Tread

The  MazeEngineers Radial Water Tread Maze modification utilizes the MWM as a base. Our modification of this maze comes with nine exits, each 1.5 in above the apparatus floor.

Rondi Reig Star Maze

The original Star maze was described in the literature by Dr. Laure Rondi-Reig as a method to study spatial navigation and its two different orientation systems, allocentric and egocentric navigation.

3D Radial Arm Maze

The 3D Radial Arm Maze is an innovative tool that allows assessing the underlying neural mechanisms of anxiety responses in rodents.

Resident Intruder Optogenetics

Resident Intruder Optogenetics modification

Morris Water Spatial Beacons

The multiple-beacon maze consists of the traditional water maze design, with added beacon components placed above the overall structure.

Radial Arm Water Maze

Morris Water Maze radial arm maze inserts with 8 arm, 6 arm 4 arm designs. Create a closed spatial navigation task with water aversion.