The Inclined Plane Maze was used in a study by Bingham, W. E., & Griffiths, W. J. (1952) to determine whether rearing animals in very different environments during infancy would measurably affect learning, emotionality, or susceptibility to sound-induced convulsions during adulthood.

The inclined-plane maze consisted of five levels, and in order to reach the goal box the rats had to traverse the maze from lower to upper levels.

An error was counted each time the subject failed to traverse the appropriate ramp to reach the goal.

Mazeengineers offers the Inclined Plane Maze.

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Price & Dimensions


$ 1890

  • Alley: 2.6 by 15.9-in.
  • Incline plane board on floor: 0.6 by 2.6 by 39.9-in.
  • Incline plane board on platform: 3.3 by 5.3-in.
  • Swinging door: 3 by 3.3-in.
  • Food compartment: 2.6 by 7.9-in.


$ 1990

  • Alley: 4 by 24-in.
  • Incline plane board on floor: 1 by 4 by 60-in.
  • Incline plane board on platform: 5 by 8-in.
  • Swinging door: 3 by 5-in.
  • Food compartment 4 by 12-in.