The Judgement Bias Apparatus is one of the two apparatus used by Roelofs S. et al. (2017), to assess female and male pigs’ performance in a spatial holeboard and judgment bias task.

The apparatus consists of a rectangular arena connected to a start box via an antechamber. Entrance of pigs from the start box to the arena is controlled by a guillotine door, operated by a rope and pulley system.

Goal-boxes where the pigs could obtain rewards are situated at the back wall of the arena, near the corners. Each goal-box can contain a food bowl. Goal-boxes could be opened and closed using guillotine doors which could be operated from outside the apparatus by rope and pulley systems.

Mazeengineers offer the Judgement Bias Apparatus.

Request a Judgement Bias Apparatus

Request a Judgement Bias Apparatus

Price & Dimensions

Judgement Bias Apparatus

$ 1990

  • Length of rectangular arena: 3.6m
  • Width of rectangular arena: 2.4m
  • Length of start box: 1.2m
  • Width of start box: 1.2m
  • Width of goal-box: 40cm