The Locust Y-Maze is a two-arm Y-maze containing a raised wooden Y-shaped rod. It was used by Patrício Simões et al. (2011), to assess associative olfactory learning in the desert locust.

The two arms of the Y-maze are separated by 90deg and the top is covered with transparent plastic, providing a clear view of the animals throughout the test. Access to the Y-maze is by a lid in the top of the maze.

In the experiment, desert locusts secured in plasticine received a constant flow of blank air directed to the antennae. Odours were delivered using a timer-controlled air pump, which also switched on the LED during the odour presentation. The LED is hidden from the locust’s view. A video camera recorded both the locust’s behaviour and the LED.

Mazeengineers offers the Locust Y-Maze.

Request a Locust Y-Maze

Request a Locust Y-Maze

Price & Dimensions

Locust Y-Maze

$ 990

  • Height of maze: 22cm
  • Width of maze: 10cm
  • Length of long arm: 24cm
  • Length of decision arms: 15cm