modified beam walking apparatus
modified beam walking



  • Integration of motor co-ordination tasks and anxiety-like behavior is important to asses brain injury in rodents that impact performance on both the tasks
  • Sweiss et al. (2016) proposed a modified walking beam to achieve the integration of these two tasks
  • The modified beam-walking (MBW) apparatus has an added platform to support a darkened safe box
  • Safe box made with semicircular opening of approximately 15 cm diameter for easy entry. Painted black to mimic enclosed arms of an Elevated plus maze
  • Rat is placed on the end of the beam opposite the safe box to measure motor latency to cross the beam as a motor task performance


Ennaceur, A., Michalikova, S., van Rensburg, R., & Chazot, P. L. (2006). Models of anxiety: Responses of mice to novelty and open spaces in a 3D maze. Behavioural Brain Research, 174(1), 9–38.

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