The Modified Y Choice For Bees is a choice apparatus used to assess vision in bees. It was used by Horridge, A. (2000). to study orientation in honeybee vision.

The walls of the apparatus are of white card, the top is of clear Perspex. During the study, unwanted recruits tend not to find the circular entrance hole. The baffles of transparent Artistcare Drawfilm are set in a cardboard frame.

Pairs of black patterns on a white background, one rewarded the other not, were presented vertically each in one arm of a Y-maze. During training the locations of the black areas were changed every 5 min to prevent the bees using them as cues, but cues
from edges were kept consistent.

The criterion for a successful choice is whether the bee passes the correct baffle.

Mazeengineers offers the Modified Y Choice For Bees.

Request a Modified Y Choice For Bees

Request a Modified Y Choice For Bees

Price & Dimensions

Modified Y Choice For Bees

$ 990

  • Length of maze arms: 27cm
  • Height of maze: 27cm
  • Diameter of circular entrance hole: 5cm
  • Width of black annulus surrounding hole at the centre of baffle: 0.5 cm
  • Thickness of baffles: 0.13mm
  • Width of cardboard frame: 1cm
  • Diameter of hole on targets: 2cm