The Sucrose Preference Test Apparatus was used by Meng-Ying Liu et al. (2018), for sucrose preference test for measurement of stress-induced anhedonia in mice.

The apparatus consists of ten chambers of the same size. Mice are transferred singly to each chamber and given free access to one tube of sucrose solution and one tube of regular water. In the chamber, the mice cannot see each other, avoiding any effects resulting from social interference.

Mazeengineers offers the Sucrose Preference Test Apparatus.

Request a Sucrose Preference Test Apparatus

Request a Sucrose Preference Test Apparatus

Price & Dimensions


$ 1890

  • Width of chambers: 10cm
  • Length of chambers: 24cm
  • Height of chambers: 13cm


$ 1990

  • Width of chambers: 13.3cm
  • Length of chambers: 31.9cm
  • Height of chambers: 17.2cm

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