Zebrafinch Chamber Maze was used to assess spatial memory and hippocampal function in a non-foodstoring songbird, the zebra finch.

The experimental set-up was a cubic aviary made of wire mesh. Each wall of the cage had a release site with a flap door. An acrylic platform on which the individual home cage of the experimental animal could be placed was fixed outside each release site. There was a long perch at one corner inside the aviary and seven short perches attached to the walls. The floor was covered with white paper.

The feeders were cylindrical white cups, consisting of the base part of a commercially available pet bird feeder each with a hollow arm  allowing the bird to reach and eat the mixed grain. Each cup had a yellow carton sheet on its top that covered the arm so that the birds could not see the inside of the arm until they came close to the feeder.

Mazeengineers offers the Zebrafinch Chamber Maze.

Request a Zebrafinch Chamber Maze

Request a Zebrafinch Chamber Maze

Price & Dimensions

Zebrafinch Chamber Maze

$ 1990

  • Length of cubic aviary: 180cm
  • Width of cubic aviary: 180cm
  • Height of cubic aviary: 180cm
  • Length Flap door of release site: 10cm
  • Width Flap door of release site: 7.5cm
  • Length of perch inside aviary: 74cm
  • Length of seven short perches attached to the walls: 9cm
  • Diameter of feeders: 3.5cm
  • Height of feeders: 3.5cm
  • Width of arm of feeders: 1cm
  • Height of arm of feeders: 3.5cm
  • Length of yellow carton sheet: 5cm
  • Width of yellow carton sheet: 8.5cm