The Zebrafinch Day Escape Maze was used by Taylor Alexandra Williams (2014), to assess the effects of adrenergic antagonists on spatial memory in the zebra finch.

The escape maze is a clear cylinder made from extruded Plexiglas with a escape hole cut above the hotplate and a clear Plexiglas lid. The floor of the maze is a ceramic tile heated by an electronic hot plate. The escape hole was positioned in the Northwest quadrant of the cylinder according to the cardinal designations of the aviary walls.

The aviary was lined with black cloth, so that no external light or objects could be seen from the inside. Four light bulbs were positioned in the upper corners of the aviary. Four distal cues were positioned on the aviary walls that we designated as north, south, east and west. The cues included a yellow star, a purple triangle, a pink oval, and a green cross on the south, east, north, and west walls of the aviary respectively. These cues were equidistant from the floor and ceiling of the aviary, and centered on the side in which they were placed.

Mazeengineers offers the Zebrafinch Day Escape Maze.

Price & Dimensions

Zebrafinch Day Escape Maze

$ 1990

  • Length of aviary: 148.6cm
  • Width of aviary: 71.1cm
  • Height of aviary: 188.2cm
  • Distance of two perches from ceiling: 25cm
  • Diameter of escape maze: 30cm
  • Height of escape maze: 15.2cm
  • Escape hole: 5.4cm