The Zebrafinch Testing Cage aviary is divided into two virtual sections of equal size. Section A contained some branches spanning from the floor to the roof of the aviary and located at the border of Section A and B.

The platform was located midway in the shorter side of the cage and high up from the floor of the aviary.

Mazeengineers offers the Zebrafinch Testing Cage.

Price & Dimensions

Zebrafinch Testing Cage

$ 1990

  • Length of aviary: 3m
  • Width of aviary: 1.5m
  • Height of aviary: 2m
  • Length of virtual sections of equal size: 1.5m
  • Width of virtual sections of equal size: 1.5m
  • Height of virtual sections of equal size: 2m
  • Length of main perch: 80cm
  • Distance between main perch and where stimulus is presented: 40cm
  • Height of main perch above stimulus platform: 30cm
  • Length of platform: 40cm
  • Width of platform: 60cm
  • Height of platform from aviary floor: 140cm