The Zebrafish Swim Tunnel consists of a temperature buffer tank, propeller, test section and an Ac motor.

For the test, fish were placed in a swim tunnel with an adjustable flow that forced fish to swim to maintain their position. The test section was large enough to allow zebrafish to perform various swimming gaits.

During the test, water temperature was maintained at acclimation temperature (28 °C). Zebrafish were tested under infrared light to reduce any visual disturbances that could affect swimming. An infrared camera and high-speed cameras were mounted above the swim tunnel to record the swimming tests.

Mazeengineers offer the Zebrafish Swim Tunnel.

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Price & Dimensions

Zebrafish Swim Tunnel

$ 3990

  • Swim tunnel: 10L
  • Length of test section: 30cm
  • Width of test section: 10cm
  • Height of test section: 10cm