Acoustic Startle Chamber

Acoustic Startle Chamber

Self Administration Chamber

Operant chamber, Maze Engineers

Five Choice Serial Reaction Time Task (5CSRTT)

Empathy Assay comes with two key components: A double chambered acrylic chamber with two foot shock controlled grids, each of which can be controlled independently with our free Conductor Software

Empathy Assay

Maze Engineers Tier 2 Lever

Tier 2 Lever Package

Maze Engineers Tier 1 Lever

Tier 1 Lever Package

Tier 2 NosePoke Package

Tier 2 NosePoke Package

Maze Engineers Tier 1 NosePoke Package

Tier 1 NosePoke Package

Step Down Avoidance

Step Down Avoidance

IDED Operant Chamber

Standard Operant Chamber Packages

Standard Operant Chamber Packages

The Aron test or four plates test (FPT) is an animal model of anxiety based on spontaneous response

Aron’s Test

The Vogel test is a classic protocol where rodent subjects are water deprived and then placed in the an apparatus

Vogel’s Test

Active/Passive Avoidance Shuttle Box

Maze Engineers learned helplessness apparatus is designed to maximize your time

Learned Helplessness

Fear Conditioning