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Circular Open Field

Open Field test is a popular protocol used to assess exploratory behavior and anxiety.

Chronic Social Defeat Stress: Cage setup

The Chronic Social Defeat Stress cage setup was used for testing depression in mice using a chronic social defeat stress model. Learn more.

Long Arm Y-Maze

Long arm Y-maze is the modification of Y-maze which capitalizes on rodent’s inherent tendency to explore new places. Learn more about it here.

Height Test

The Height Test is used to observe rodent’s behavior when subjected to aversive, anxiogenic and novel situations using height as a determinant.

Dig Task

The Dig task is an effective device created for studying cognitive dysfunction following traumatic brain injury or stroke.

Gait Test

Gait test is the user-friendly but very reliable task that was designed for evaluating the drugs affect on the gait and the stride length of the subjects.

Triple Horizontal Bars

Triple Horizontal Bars can be used in various scientific studies that aim to measure both motor coordination and strength in rodents.

Static Rods Test

The Static Rods an easy-to-use static apparatus that proved to be effective in assessment of motor coordination.

Parallel Bars

Our straightforward and easy-to-use Parallel Bars task is an ideal tool for assessment of motor coordination in subjects.

Puzzle Box

The puzzle box is a widely-used in neuroscience behavioural test for studying cognitive functions of rodents.

Attentional Set Shifting (IDED) Chamber

The IDED chamber for the attentional set shifting task for mice and rats includes a chamber for convenient testing of individual rodents

Bowtie Mazes

Bowtie mazes are used for a variety of choice experiments for mice and rats. We offer two separate models frequently used and cited in the literature

Lashley III

The Lashley III maze is a test used for learning and memory. It utilizes a low-stress environment and looks into route learning of a maze

Successive Alleys

The Successive alleys test is a novel anxiety test that utilizes fear of open spaces as an assay. The most distal regions are white, open and narrow

Skilled Forelimb Test

Skilled forelimb reaching task apparatus for mice and rats allows for fine motor assessments through a gap for reward. Get one for a great price today.

Horizontal Ladder

Horizontal Ladder test for foot fault for mice and Rats. Fine motor coordination testing can be done with regularly spaced rungs that can be removed.

Geotaxis Test

Mouse and Rat Geotaxis Test for motor coordination. Multiple size notches to allow angulation testing. Metal or acrylic models vailable for testing.

Repeated Acquisition and Performance Chamber

The Repeated Acquisition and Performance Chamber from MazeEngineers (RAPC for short) is an acrylic device with a start and end goal box.

Hole Board

A hole board apparatus with removable inserts and easy cleaning. Affordable for your budget. Great exploration data for the best price.

Hebb Williams

The Hebb-Williams Maze is a behavioral task used for studying spatial working memory animals.

Balance Beam

Balance beam test for mice and rats to test motor function, balance, and fine motor function.

Tail Suspension

Tail Suspension test for mice and rats, available in manual and automated forms. Behavioral analysis for depression and anxiety.

Novel Object Recognition

Open Field test is a popular protocol used to assess exploratory behavior and anxiety.

Open Field

Open Field test is a popular protocol used to assess exploratory behavior and anxiety.

Elevated Plus Maze

The elevated plus maze test is one of the most widely used tests for measuring anxiety-like behavior.

Barnes Maze

The Barnes maze is a circular maze designed to test visual spatial learning and memory for mice and rats.

Zero Maze

The Zero Maze is an elevated ring-shaped runway with the same amount of area devoted to adjacent open and closed quadrants, with increasing usage in recent years.


Y-maze is a commonly used maze for mice and rats for learning tasks.

T Maze

The T-maze is an enclosed apparatus in the form of a T placed horizontally, similar to the Y maze. Used for spontaneous and rewarded alternation.

Radial Arm Maze

The Radial Arm Maze is a widely used behavioral task in neuroscience for studying spatial learning and memory.

Forced Swim Test

The forced swim test (FST) is one of the most commonly used animal models for assessing antidepressant-like behavior.

Morris Water Maze

The Morris Water Maze is a widely used behavioral task in neuroscience for studying spatial learning and memory.

Conditioned Place Preference

The conditioned place preference chamber is a paradigm widely used to explore the reinforcing effects of natural and pharmacological stimuli, including drugs of addiction.

Light Dark Box

The Light/Dark box is extensively used to test anxiety-like behavior.