• MIT engineers made a new battery for carbon dioxide filtering.
  • Their new filter is innovative because it can filter air with a low concentration of carbon dioxide.
  • The new method may transform the extent of carbon emissions on the micro and macro level.


The Development of the Carbon Dioxide Filter

A group of scientists from MIT set out to develop a new carbon dioxide filter. Even though batteries for filtering air already exist they have certain limitations that reduce their efficiency.

Conventional filters need high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air to work properly. Therefore, they are best for industries that burn a lot of fossil fuel and not for everyday use. Not only that, but they also need an additional power source to work. All of these issues make the filters very bad for everyday use and this, in turn, inhibits our ability to reduce carbon emissions.

The new carbon dioxide filter made by researchers from MIT resolves all the issues above. The new battery can filter the air with very low concentrations of carbon. Not only that, it can also function at room temperature.

Besides this, the battery also has the ability to emit the carbon dioxide it stores. This makes the new filter extremely useful for various industries. For instance, it can play a role in the production of fizzy drinks. This is because their production process requires CO2 for the bubbling effect.

Findings from the study are available through the journal Energy and Environmental Science. Also, if you are interested in the effects of air pollution on our health check out this news article.

  • The new filter needs more testing before the researchers can determine how effective it is.