• New research discovers the location where two proteins combine to protect cancer cells from the immune system.
  • This breakthrough is possible because of innovative protein-painting technology.
  • Also, this novel approach may change the treatment of cancer. However, further research needs to be done before any exact claims can be made.


About the Research

The research team working on the protein-painting technology comes from George Mason University in Manassas, Va. Furthermore, the research project is under the patronship of the National Cancer Institute’s Innovative Molecular Analysis Technology program. The research findings from this study are found through the Journal of Biological Chemistry and the main author is Amanda Haymond.

Protein-painting Technology and the Immune System

Scientists working on cancer cells know that they have the ability to hide from the immune system. Because of this, they are able to cause such extensive damage without the host being aware of the undergoing changes. This ability of cancer cells eludes the researchers and it is one of the main reasons why such conditions are so hard to treat.

With the innovative protein-painting technology the researchers were able to pinpoint the exact location of the protein merger. That is, scientists can now determine what two proteins combine to protect the cancer cells from the immune system. Not only that, but they can also show the precise location where this combination occurs.

Furthermore, scientists believe, this innovation will allow for better treatment of cancer. This is because we now know how to control the reaction with the right chemical blockers. Practically speaking, this means that cancer treatment no longer has to be evasive for the body. On the contrary, scientists believe it can be done with the use of tablets.

Not only that, but the protein-painting technology will change the general approach to cancer treatment. That is, researchers can use the technology to pinpoint the same reaction in other types of cancer cells. Through this, they can prescribe similar chemical blockers and inhibit their ability to hide from the immune system.

Other research about cancer cells looks at the path they choose through our organism and the health-preserving enzyme telomerase.

  • Even though this discovery is impressive the scientist working on it believe it needs further testing.