• A new study claims that hair dyes and chemical straighteners may increase the chance of breast cancer.
  • For the purpose of the study, researchers examine the data from 46,709 women.


About the Research

Research about the potential for artificial dyes and chemical straighteners to cause breast cancer comes from the National Institute of Health. This study utilizes data from previous research done by the National Institute of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS). Also, the findings are available in the International Journal of Cancer.

Breast Cancer and Hair Product Chemicals

Researchers use the data from a sister study done by the NIEHS and they examine the cases of 46,709 women. They aim to determine if hair dyes and chemical straighteners increase the risk of breast cancer.

During their study of the data, the researchers split the women into two groups. They look at women that frequently dye their hair or use straightening products. But they also look at women that rarely or never use them.

The initial findings show that women who dye their hair have a 9% bigger chance of getting breast cancer. Also, African-American women have a higher risk of breast cancer even though Caucasian women dye their hair in equal measure.

As for the hair straighteners, the findings show that there is a 30% increase in cancer risk. Also, both African-American and Caucasian women use hair dye’s in equal measure. However, African-American women use hair straighteners more frequently. Because of this, the scientists speculate they could be at a bigger risk because of this.

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  • Even though the findings are impressive there are a lot of factors that the researchers could not consider. Other lifestyle choices can also influence the risk increase.