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Trinocular Polarized Microscope

The Trinocular Polarized Microscope uses polarized light to study anisotropic specimens like liquid crystals and minerals.  It includes a polarizer positioned in the light path before the specimen and an analyzer placed in the light path between the observation tubes or camera port and objective rear aperture.

The microscope is equipped with two polarizing filters known as polarizer and analyzer. It includes a dividing eyepiece and a trinocular eyepiece tube that is inclined at 30° and can capture the images in 100% light flux. Long infinity objectives are present that make the field of view clear and wide. It also includes 50X ~ 600X magnification lenses, a reflected illumination system, a quadruple nosepiece, a focusing system, a puller-type Bertrand lens as an intermediate attachment, and λ, λ/4, and quarts wedge compensator.

In a polarized microscope, a polarizer transforms white light into plane-polarized light before reaching the sample.

ConductScience offers the Trinocular Polarized Microscope.

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Trinocular Inverted Microscope

The trinocular inverted microscope is a high-level microscope designed for research institutes, health and medical units, and universities to observe cultured living cells.

The trinocular inverted microscope comes with 2 eyepieces and a third eye tube for a better viewing experience. The third eye tube allows the microscope to be connected to a camera for image capturing and video recording, which adds to its versatility in using varying laboratory studies.  It can be used to study live-cell imaging of cancer cells, the combined effect of EMF and low-level lenses on biological processes, and study the chitin-based scaffolds, etc.

ConductScience offers the Trinocular Inverted Microscope

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Laboratory Techniques

Pulse Chase Analysis

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Trinocular Polarized Microscope
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