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Partners from all over the globe have trusted us to best represent them and their products.

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Why partner with us?

Alike to our many customers who have put their faith in us, our partners from all over the globe have trusted us to best represent them and their products.

What sets us apart?

Our Audience

Get your scientific tools to over 1 million scientists per year. Our visitors are looking at our extensive range of products (and our partner's products) and our scientific content such as articles, interviews with scientists, and news.

Our Customers

The results speak for themselves; we are a registered and trusted vendor to over 500 prestigious institutions. See our list of citations of our previous customers who have published in high-impact journals such as Nature using our products here.

Our Recognition

Our results have not gone unnoticed, we’ve been featured in a number of articles in high-quality media such as NPR, Nature, and Huffington Post for our accomplishments as a scientific start-up and our unique product offerings.

Our Expertise

Trust us with communicating your scientific services and products; our staff hold MDs and STEM PhDs and have a vast amount of experience in scientific research. Our expertise on the topics of scientific apparatus, neuroscience methodology, web development, and computer science have also been published in a range of high impact journals.

Our Approach

Our partners are critical to us and our business. Upon becoming a ConductScience partner, you’ll be given a personal contact to communicate with either through email, phone, or video call. We provide a dedicated page for your company and each individual product as standard.

Who are we looking for?

Product Partners

We sell a huge array of in-vitro and in-vivo research-grade products. Our active customers include prestigious institutions, please see our list here. Therefore, we are looking for innovative partners in scientific methodologies" with high-quality research apparatus. If you think your product/s fit offer us something new that would fit with our current catalog.

Services Partners

The process of conducting scientific research doesn’t just stop at apparatuses. We aim to provide our clients with so much more. See the services we offer below. If your expertise and experience fit with what we offer or you have a service to offer our clients, please reach out to us.

Software Partners

We are also experts in hardware research solutions and provide easy-to-use, advanced software solutions to our clients to conduct science. Our software includes Custom software development, Virtual reality applications, and more.

Our Partnership Process

We have two processes for our partnerships, either we invite partners to sell their products on our website or we ask if our products can be sold on our partner’s websites. 

Partnership Process to sell on ConductScience

Introductory Call

Agree to Terms

Sign Contract

Upload your products to CS

Selling on behalf of a partner on ConductScience

Buy Price

ConductScience and partners negotiate a fixed price to sell a product.

Client Queries

Clients are referred to the partner to ensure expert advice is given

Making a Sale

When a product sells, Conduct Science typically discounts 30% and pays the remaining 70% to the partner. The discount is negotiable.

Complete Order

Orders are referred to the partner for order technicalities and shipping.

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