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Highly specific and sensitive, Cogsuite was designed to address the lack of sensitivity, specificity, and repeatability of traditional cognitive assessments

Gamified and available on desktop, laptop, and tablet, Cogsuite reinvents the traditional pencil and paper cognitive tests for a modern way to conduct cognitive assessments in the comfort of the patient’s home without the need for extensive prior training or need for an on-site specialist. Cogsuite was created with the following parameters in mind:

Ease of Use

Ensure the program is easy to use for patients


An appropriate number of steps and time taken to complete the test for the patient

Sensitivity and Specificity

Cogsuite provides sensitive and specific test results akin to reputable widely-used cognitive assessments

Positive Patient Response

To ensure motivated patient use, Cogsuite tasks are gamified to be fun and engaging for repeated assessment


Cogsuite tasks are designed to be completed in good timing by patients

Patient assessment data at both, an individual and aggregate or cohort level can be assessed and data in multiple dimensions (studies, disease, treatment, gender, age-range, health measures, demographics, socioeconomic level, education, etc.), can be visualized as well.

Patients are given a unique URL to log into the test subject portal, patient data such as age, race, demographics, and socio-economic status can be inputted here. Identity or de-identification is configurable. At the test administrator portal, assignment and provision of assessments can be performed and self-report instruments, test statuses, and results of each patient can be visualized

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Developed and validated specifically to address the need for cognitive assessments of cancer patients undergoing treatment and cancer survivors, Cogsuite is a set of seven digital neuropsychological assessments covering cognitive domains including attention, executive function, working memory, verbal abilities, motor function, and processing speed.

Circus Cannon Twins

Clownfish commander

Quickbot inspector

Soup Chef

Balloon Collector

Zeppelin task

Zookeeper Match

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