Signal Solutions

Rodent monitoring systems to streamline your research

Custom Cage Systems to monitor sleep & wake cycles in rodents

Complete-Custom Cage Systems

Custom Cage Systems with everything you need to start monitoring sleep/wake cycles; including custom cages, sensors, cables, and patented software

Custom Commercial Cages Systems

Commercial Cage Systems ready to start monitoring using your current cages. We provide sensors, cables, and custom software for you to continue using your cages.

Turn-key Systems to monitor sleep and wake cycle in rodents. Comparable to an electroencephalogram but without invasive surgeries, we offer specialized monitoring/scoring solutions.

Track and stream your research

Check out our Custom Rodent Monitoring Cages

Complete Commercial Turn-key Systems for monitoring sleep/wake cycles in mice and rats. Our modern system provides noninvasive real-time and historic data.

Scalability, Adaptability in one place

Check out our Commercial Rodent Monitoring Cages

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