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Scientist, healthcare provider, professional of evidence

Its time we take back the message. Using Conductscience Social program, influencers in the science and medical fields can deliver evidence based messages sponsored by public health agencies, suppliers, and scientists themselves who have  key findings of interest to the public.

We’ll vet the messages and suppliers. You deliver the message. You get paid for your messages as sponsored posts. Offers are made through the Conductscience platform.

Our Focus

We have 4 criteria for ConductScience Influencers

Baseline spam checks will be done


We audit all accounts for scientific salience. You can post personal content, but we want to avoid misinformation on social media.


Credentials are valuable and necessary as part of the ConductScience social team. You must hold an advanced degree or be enrolled in a program to qualify.


Our minimum threshold is 500 followers. Our unique algorithms identifies influencers byspecialization, so the pure number is not important to us.


Our algorithm uniquely identifies influencers by region and we may sometimes invoke regionalization to maximize engagement for local sponsors. You will be asked to provide your home base location.

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