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  • Breathing Circuit

    A rodent anesthesia breathing circuit is a system that delivers anesthetic gases to a small rodent during surgical procedures.

    The anesthetic gas is delivered to the animal through the circuit tubing, allowing the animal to breathe in the anesthetic and maintain unconsciousness throughout the procedure. The rebreathing bag captures exhaled gases and recycles them back into the circuit, helping to conserve the anesthetic gas. The reservoir bag acts as a backup supply of oxygen, while the gas scavenging system captures and removes waste anesthetic gases from the environment.

  • MRI Compatible Masks Package

    Our MRI-Compatible Masks Package for Rodents and Small Animals, is the solution for researchers and veterinarians working with small animal MRI studies. This comprehensive package is specifically designed to ensure the comfort, safety, and accuracy of imaging procedures for rodents and other small animals.

    Our MRI-Compatible Masks are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials that are safe and suitable for use within the MRI environment. These masks provide a secure and snug fit, minimizing motion artifacts and ensuring optimal image quality during scanning sessions.

    Designed with the unique anatomical considerations of rodents and small animals in mind, these masks feature a specialized shape and size that allows for precise positioning and maximum comfort. The masks are equipped with adjustable straps to ensure a customized fit for each animal, minimizing stress and promoting a calm imaging experience.


Tools to Conduct Science

Breathing Circuit
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