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  • Veterinary Oxygen Concentrator

    An oxygen supply designed for veterinary clinical applications. Using the principle of molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption, using air as raw material, physical separation of high-purity oxygen meets the various clinical needs of veterinarians and is widely used in veterinary clinical operations, postoperative, ICU, and first aid oxygen supply.

    The Veterinary oxygen concentrator is a device that is used to provide supplemental oxygen to animals. The concentrator works by separating oxygen from the air, increasing the concentration of oxygen, and delivering it to the animal through a mask or other delivery device. Oxygen concentrators can provide a continuous supply of oxygen, making them a convenient and efficient way to support animals with breathing difficulties or other medical conditions that require supplemental oxygen. In a veterinary setting, oxygen concentrators are used to help animals recover from surgery or other medical procedures, or to treat conditions such as respiratory distress or heart disease.

Veterinary Oxygen Concentrator
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