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  • Acrylic Rabbit Immobilizer (Restrainer)

    The acrylic rabbit immobilizer, also known as a rabbit restrainer, is a device used to hold and immobilize laboratory rabbits during procedures such as injections, blood collection, and other experimental procedures. The immobilizer typically consists of an acrylic tube with a removable front and back panel, which allows the rabbit to be placed inside. Once the rabbit is inside, the panels are replaced, holding the rabbit securely in place. The immobilizer also has a handle for easy handling and moving.

    The Rabbit Immobilizer is a commonly used tool in laboratory research on rabbits, as it allows for the safe and efficient handling of the animals during procedures. It is designed to minimize stress and injury to the rodent while providing easy access to the animal for the researcher. The acrylic material is also easy to clean and sterilize, which is essential for maintaining the health and well-being of the rodent and preventing contamination of the experiments.

    ConductScience offers rabbit immobilizers/restrainers.

Acrylic Rabbit Immobilizer (Restrainer)
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