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  • Euthanasia Chamber/Containment System

    Euthanasia Chambers are simple chambers that are quick and easy to use and are made of complete acrylic plastic for humane euthanasia of test subjects. Our euthanasia chambers include the container, lid, locking clamp, and inlet & outlet with stopcock all 5/16″ barbed fittings fit for standard CO2 gas tubes. We offer euthanasia chambers for a range of species in different sizes.

    ConductScience offers Euthanasia Chambers. The estimated delivery time is 2 weeks after receiving your order.

  • Guinea Pig Pan and Trolley

    Pans and trolleys are specialized products designed for the housing and transportation of guinea pigs. Pans are shallow containers or trays that are used as flooring for guinea pig cages, typically made of metal, plastic, or other durable materials. They are designed to be easy to clean and replace, and can also provide added comfort for the guinea pigs.

    Trolleys are carts or platforms that are designed to allow the cage and guinea pigs to be easily moved from one location to another. They may have wheels for easy mobility and can sometimes be collapsible for storage. Trolleys are commonly used for transporting guinea pigs to and from shows, vet appointments, or other events, and they provide a secure and convenient way to transport the animals while keeping them at a comfortable temperature and protected from stress.

Euthanasia Chamber/Containment System
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