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  • RFLSI Pro Laser Speckle Perfusion Imager

    RFLSI Pro Laser Speckle Perfusion Imager is based on the latest LSCI technology (Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging/LSCI, Laser Speckle Ratio Analysis). With the advantages of the unique non-contact, high time and spatial resolution, rapid imaging, it provides a new recording way for the life sciences basic research and clinical medical, which can achieve real-time dynamic blood flow monitoring and video imaging, it is the vital basis for understanding the organization, organ pathology and physiological indicators. The instrument does not need any contrast agent, the time resolution can be in milliseconds, the spatial resolution can be in microns. It also achieves the requirements of real-time observation of microvascular blood flow distribution and relative changes in values.
    Spatial resolution of the blood flow imaging: 3.3?m/pixel- 2?m/pixel
    Laser type: laser diode, wavelengths 785nm
    Monitoring camera power 90mW
    Low noise 12bit fast camera for stable flow-rate measurement
    Monitoring distance: 110mm
    Real-time display of diameter changes and angle
    Effective pixels:1800000 pixels /cm2; monitoring pixel is 656*494 pixels
    Continuous recording and interval recording modes
    Image monitoring area is 14.4 x10.9 mm -2.15 x1.62mm
    imaging speed is not less than 60 fps in full amplitude state
    ROI area and vessel diameter measurements can be added arbitrarily during the recording process or off-line analysis to support any shape and number of ROI choices
    Optical magnification: conventional 0.67-4.5 times, 0.071NA, optional 0.5 times, 2 times auxiliary objective lens
    increase the auxiliary objective lens. Monitoring area and blood flow imaging spatial resolution can be adjusted accordingly
    The monitoring records can be exported to AVI format video files, including curves, blood flow, experimental process records
    Output video can be adjusted as required


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RFLSI Pro Laser Speckle Perfusion Imager
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