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  • Homeothermic Monitoring System – Temperature Controller Thermostar

    During the process of animal surgery or acute anesthetized animal experiment, maintaining animals’ body temperature is very important for the accuracy and reliability of the results, furthermore, it is an important way to reduce the mortality of the animals. To fulfill this need, we have a new generation of homothermic monitoring system “Thermostar”, which is a closed-loop temperature monitor/control system for rodents. The system includes the control unit, 1 flexible rectal probe, 1 heating pad, and 1 heat insulation pad.


    The Homeothermic monitoring system is controlled using a 4.3-inch color LCD touch screen, this user interface allows for a clear view of the subject’s real-time core body temperature, the target temperature, and heating state. Audible alarms can be set to alert the user for abnormalities in the subject’s core body temperature.


    ConductScience offers the Homeothermic System.

  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor

    The rodent Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor is a device used to measure blood pressure in small animals such as rats and mice without causing any harm or distress to the animal. The monitor is designed to use non-invasive techniques, meaning it does not require any surgical procedures or the insertion of a catheter into the animal’s arteries, which can be traumatic and increase the risk of infection.

    ConductScience offers the Rodent Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor and more Monitoring Systems.

  • Rodent Heating Pad

    The Heating Pads are part of our Homeothermic Monitoring System. You just need to plug the pads into the controller to heat the rodent. The pads are useful to warm animals quickly and to use before, during, and after surgical procedures.

    Made of silicone the pads are made to resist high temperatures, easy to clean, with 3 different sizes, and suitable for different experimental platforms.

    ConductScience offers Heating Pads and the Homeothermic Monitoring System.

  • Rodent Pulse Oximeter

    The Rodent Pulse Oximeter is used to measure the vital signs of rodents non-invasively using sensor clips. Arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate, breath rate, pulse distension, and temperature can be measured on anesthetized and conscious animals. The Rodent Pulse Oximeter is available with several sensors, including thigh, paw, collar, tail, and foot sensors.

    The Rodent Pulse Oximeter utilizes simple, non-invasive sensor clips to monitor the vital signs of rodents. The sensor clips can be easily attached to the subject, and the data can be retrieved and monitored in real-time on your PC.

    ConductScience offers the Rodent Pulse Oximeter.

  • Thermal Sensor

    Thermal Sensor

    Gives the ability of your temperature controller to receive real-time feedback from a heating pad, automatically controlling the homeostatic temperature of your rodent or animal model. […]

Homeothermic Monitoring System – Temperature Controller Thermostar
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