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  • Classic Syringe Pump

    The classic syringe pump is a microfluidic device that works on a discontinuous principle to deliver small accurate doses of fluids. The device employs its motor’s motion to move the leadscrew, which drives the piston present in the pump cylinder to draw a defined volume of fluid and dispenses it in the same channel using a dosing needle.

    A classic syringe pump is a battery-powered pump that employs one or more syringes to administer accurate and precise amounts of fluids in high-impact research environments. This device is used in microfluidics for infusion and withdrawal of fluids.

    ConductScience offers the Classic Syringe Pump.

  • LCD Screen Laboratory Constant Syringe Pump

    The LCD Screen Laboratory Constant Syringe Pump is a precise and reliable instrument designed for laboratory use. With a clear LCD screen display and easy-to-use interface, it allows users to set and control the flow rate of liquids with high accuracy and reproducibility. The pump’s compact size and quiet operation make it ideal for a variety of applications, including drug delivery, chemical reactions, and microfluidic experiments. Additionally, its syringe holder can accommodate a range of syringe sizes, making it a versatile tool for researchers in different fields.

    ConductScience offers the Syringe Pump

  • Small Animal MRI System

    The Small Animal MRI System for rodents is a compact and versatile imaging system designed for research and pre-clinical studies in small rodents such as mice and rats. The Small MRI system is capable of producing high-resolution, detailed images of the internal anatomy of small animals, providing researchers with critical information about the anatomy and function of organs and tissues.

    The system features a small bore size, making it ideal for rodent imaging and minimally invasive procedures. The strong magnetic field and advanced gradient technology provide excellent image quality and high sensitivity, allowing researchers to visualize small structures and details with clarity.

    This MRI system is equipped with advanced software and hardware, including real-time imaging capabilities and automated image processing tools, making it easy for researchers to obtain and analyze data quickly and accurately. The system is also customizable, allowing users to configure the hardware and software to meet their specific imaging needs.

    Our Small Animal MRI System is a permanent magnet system that provides high-contrast images and has an intuitive user interface.

    ConductScience offers the Small Animal MRI System

  • Touch Screen Constant Laboratory Syringe Pump

    The ConductScience Touch Screen Constant Laboratory Syringe Pump is a precision instrument designed for accurate and reliable fluid delivery. Available in both single and dual models, it offers a wide range of linear velocities and stroke resolutions to accommodate different application needs. The pump features a push-pull working mode and flow correction program for more accurate liquid volume. It also has a built-in selection of syringe model, and offers syringe customization options. The communication interface and status signal output provide easy control and monitoring of the pump. With a compact design and wide voltage AC power supply, the ConductScience Touch Screen Constant Laboratory Syringe Pump is an ideal solution for various scientific and medical applications.

    ConductScience offers the Syringe Pump


Tools to Conduct Science

Classic Syringe Pump
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