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    • Light Arc for Tail Injections

      Light arc for tail vein injection is a novel technique used to administer drug substances to black-colored strains of rodents. The black strains of rodents have a darker colored tail which makes it difficult to spot the caudal vein due to the lack of color contrast. This illumination problem is solved by Conductscience’s Light Arc apparatus which distributes a uniform light over an angle of 180° around the subject’s tail.


      The light arc stands on a flat base connected to the power source. A Broome-style handler is placed in the center to restrain the subject. The arc is equipped with 10 RGB LEDs, approximately every 2cm. The color contrast is regulated by the intensity of the primary colored lights; colors can be adjusted to red, green, and blue for the optimal contrast of the veins.


      Available with red, blue, green colored lights. Conduct Science offers the Light Arc for Tail Injection. 


      Note: The restrainer is not included. The restrainer holder is adjustable to be able to hold different size restrainers. 

    • Single Channel Pipette

      A single-channel pipette is a laboratory instrument used to transfer small volumes of liquid from one container to another. It consists of a thin tube with a calibrated volume and a plunger that is used to draw and dispense the liquid. Single-channel pipettes are commonly used in molecular biology, biochemistry, and other fields that require precise measurement and handling of small volumes of liquid.


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