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FHIR Specimen

About The FHIR Specimen module is among the essential resources of the FHIR Diagnostics set. The FHIR module defines resources as any medical data that can be exchanged online between institutions. Specimen data is defined as any material sample, which can be taken from a biological entity (living or dead), a physical object or the environment (“FHIR,” 2017). For instance,

FHIR Diagnostic Report

About FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) diagnostics is part of an innovative open source standard used to support healthcare data exchange and foster interoperability. The use of well-documented online protocols is an important step towards the future of medical technology. FHIR can benefit not only the tech part of medicine but the human side of digital health. By implementing FHIR

FHIR Observation

About FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is an open source standard, which facilitates data integration, reduces interoperability costs and fosters innovation. FHIR is an effective online protocol that connects systems and improves the app-based approach to interoperability (“Four basics to know about the role of FHIR in interoperability,” 2016). With electronic health records replacing paper forms, the practice has proven