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Age When – Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel

10/21/1833 - 12/10/1896

Alfred Nobel is considered by some an inventor rather than a scientist but through the mid to late 1800’s these professions are somewhat synonymous. Most famous now for the Nobel Prize that is awarded to benefactors of humanity originally in the areas of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace. However, Alfred Nobel’s discoveries do not reflect that of peace. Nobel worked a lot with the newly discovered Nitroglycerine, an explosive far more powerful than the standard black powder used at the times. The problem with this explosive is that it was incredibly volatile and so Nobel created Dynamite, even if it was by accident, and a blasting gelatin, using Nitroglycerine as the base ingredient.
His intentions of giving more powerful weapons to the state were good however, he believed that it would hasten the end of conflicts with less destruction. In his later years however, he realized that his inventions were being used for the murder of thousands of peoples and he attained immeasurable guilt over this fact. This is when he created the Nobel prize, where his wealth attained from the horrors of war was to be used to promote peace and the advance of humanities knowledge.