Age When: Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud

05/06/1856 – 09/23/1938

Sigmund Freud, considered by some to be the true the mastermind of psychology, considered by others to be somewhat misguided in later life. What is not up for debate however is his discoveries which have paved the way for the modern way we look at mental health, a very current issue in today’s world. Before Sigmund Freud the conscious was thought to be the main segment of the brain and the subconscious the smaller part, he turned that on its head describing consciousness as only the tip of the iceberg.


A lot of his work surrounded hysteria and realizing that by speaking to patients under hypnosis or not about their traumatic past, he could unblock psychological barriers they had placed on themselves. Previously thought to be a condition only women could exhibit he showed men could succumb also. He created psychoanalysis, the analysis of the subconscious through many methods and theorized the existence of the Id, ego and super-ego, three states of consciousness inside everyone. Freud came to believe that all issues derive from sexual problems, his idea’s split the scientific community down the middle half with him and half against. Now his progress is seen as incredibly influential if not controversial regarding to some aspects.

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