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November 15, 2020

Excess Consumption of Eggs May be Linked with Diabetes

How many eggs are good for you? Nutrition scientists have long been asking the question of what is the ideal measure for eating our favorite breakfast food. Although there is no conclusive answer, a new study from China reveals that eggs may increase our chance of diabetes. About the Study…
November 13, 2020

New Study Shows Coming out as a Bisexuals May Increase Risk of Smoking

A recent study shows that people from the LGBT+ community, are more likely to smoke than heterosexuals. However, a new study considers the difference between heterosexuals, homosexuals, and bisexuals and their smoking habits. Through this approach, they reveal differences in the LGBT+ community when it comes to smoking habits. About…
November 5, 2020

Fighting Stigmatization in Medicine with Art

The UK charity Sightsavers works with people that have Neglected tropical disease (NTD). The conditions in question impact the lives of more than a billion people around the world. Besides prevention, there is also an urgent need to develop effective treatment plans for people living with the diseases. A research…
November 2, 2020

New Research About How the Sun Impacts Virus Spread

Why do bacterial and viral infections seem to occur in seasonal cycles? What factors impact this occurrence? And what role does the Sun play in the entire process? About the Research An interdisciplinary research team set out to find answers to the above-mentioned questions. Furthermore, the researchers come from The…
November 2, 2020

Local Flow Field Inside a Coral Colony

Name: Md Monir Hossain Number of lab members or colleagues (excluding PI): I am working with Wonders of Water (WOW) Lab at the University of Houston. Currently, we have four members in our team. Location: Texas, Houston Graduation Date: Ph.D., June 2020 H index: 5 Grants: Virginia Sea Grant, Chevron…
lab management
Lab Management
October 23, 2020

Laboratory test tracking

One of the leading causes of malpractice suits is the failure or breakdown of the laboratory test workflow. An integral part of this workflow is test tracking, which encompasses procedures from the point of test requests, sample collections, analyses, reports, and patient treatment plans. The test tracking system is a…
October 21, 2020

AI Research: Linguistics and the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Name: Philipp Wicke Number of lab members or colleagues (excluding PI): 1 Location: University College Dublin Graduation Date: 2021 H index: 3 Grants: RISE (DAAD) Scholarship, UCD PhD Scholarship. Twitter followers: Too many different creative Twitter bots at my disposal to give a concrete answer. Check @the_plot_bot, @metaphormagnet (credit to…
October 20, 2020

New Insight on the Link Between Cannabinoids and Learning

A recent study from the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in Portugal sheds new light on the impact of cannabinoids on learning. About the Research Cannabinoids have a significant effect on our brain and behavior. Most people know this chemical compound because of its recreational use. However, the substance is…
October 19, 2020

Amphibians: Snakes and Toads’ Evolution and Spread

Name: Rick Shine Number of lab members or colleagues (excluding PI): 6 Location: Macquarie University, Sydney Graduation Date: Ph.D. 1975 H index: 122. I’ve published well over a thousand peer-reviewed papers. In 2016 I won the two biggest science prizes in Australia - New South Wales Scientist of the Year,…

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