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In ConductScience, our Benchtop Lab Equipment Section offers a compact, space-saving and the newest equipment and accessories, designed to optimize the space in overcrowded work areas and to ensure maximum portability. Our Lab Equipment is manufactured with durable and easy maintenance materials, easy to store, lightweight using new technologies to guarantee our customers quality, portability, ergonomics, and efficient operations for years.
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September 14, 2020

Introduction to Electrophoresis

As an Amazon Associate, ConductScience Inc. earns revenue from qualifying purchases Electrophoresis is a technique that separates molecules in their liquid state, based on their ability to move in an electric field. The various forms and types of electrophoresis have become the leading methods of the analysis of biomolecules in…
Laboratory TechniquesProtocolsScience
April 13, 2020

Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy

The information about the structure, interactions, and dynamics of biomolecules (protein, DNA, and RNA) is essential for understanding cellular processes. This knowledge is deconvolved by scientists and used in elucidating cellular mechanisms for finding cures for human diseases. The pharmaceutical industry, for example, uses this structural information to improve on…
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December 5, 2019

What is Autoradiography?

As an Amazon Associate, ConductScience Inc. earns revenue from qualifying purchases Autoradiography is an imaging technique that uses radioactive sources contained within the exposed sample. In vitro autoradiography methods involve the isolation of cellular components such as DNA, RNA, proteins or lipids, followed by labeling with suitable radioisotopes. In in…
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