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Lab Basics

Lab Basics: Semi-Automated Slice Lab

Need electrophysiology devices for your lab? Click here Brain tissue slices taken from related brain areas are used for grasping the nature of the synaptic function

Lab Basics

Visual Patching and Imaging Chambers

Need electrophysiology devices for your lab? Click here The specimens, isolated tissues obtained from brain slicing experiments and cell and skin research, are sensitive to thermal

Optogenetics on a mouse
Laboratory Techniques

What Is Optogenetics and How Does It Work?

Need optogenetic devices for your lab? Click here What Is Optogenetics? Optogenetics is a method of controlling and monitoring the functions of cells, tissues, and organisms


Petri Dishes with Agar: How to Make Agar Plates

Petri dishes and agar are essential components of the culture plate technique developed by Robert Koch. The microbiological technique enabled him and subsequent biologists to isolate,

Coding & Billing

Linear Regression

What is Linear Regression?  Linear regression is a linear relationship approach between dependent and independent variables, where interaction with a single independent variable is called ‘simple


Hypothesis Testing

What is Hypothesis Testing?  Hypothesis testing is a method used to find out the representable validity of a given probable outcome being tested for a defined


Open Peer Review

What is Open Peer Review? Open Peer Review is a scholarly review mechanism that involves the disclosure of the reviewer and author’s identity to one another,

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